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Need Braces? We've Braces To Suit Every Smile


Need Braces? We've Braces To Suit Every Smile

Modern dentistry has enabled us to shape just about any smile. But there's always been a stigma assigned to wearing braces. Most people avoid ever getting braces for fear of how they may look. Thankfully, however, here at Bray Braces we offer patients three different versions to choose from. Modern, quick and discrete - harnessing modern orthodontic technology allows us to create cosmetic braces that suit any and every age.

We offer a free consultation where we can advise you on what suits you best, as well as put your mind at ease with any questions you may have. With each patient being different, it's important that you meet your dentist before choosing either 6 Month Braces, Metal Braces or Invisalign - but just what are the difference?

6 Month BracesBraces

6 Month Braces are ideal for anyone looking for dramatic results in a short period of time. The discrete white wire and clear brackets make them almost invisible, unless looked at from a close angle. 6 Month Braces have become increasingly popular among our patients, especially those planning a wedding who want the perfect smile for their perfect day.

Metal Bbracesraces

Traditional steel braces are still popular and with good reason. Although some may be put off by their appearance, the tried and tested formula of steel braces mean that clients that want their
teeth straightened with much fuss often opt for tradition.

Invisalign Invisalign

Using a series of clear retainers, Invisalign gradually moves the teeth into place over a period of time. People often prefer Invisalign as opposed to ^ Month or traditional braces, due to its lightweight and discrete appearance.

So Why Choose Bray Braces?

We pride ours15109543_978989558911808_8759758525178581674_nelves on our no-nonsense approach to dentistry. Cheap and affordable, you won't find any hidden costs included in your bill. Instead, upon completing your free consultation, you'll receive an all-inclusive quote to take home. Meanwhile, we make sure to keep a close eye on our competitors both sides of the border, meaning you get the very best deal all the while confident in the fact that we won't cut any corners.

We provide the people of Wicklow and beyond with quality orthodontics at a price they can afford. Within Ireland, there is a growing demand for highly trained orthodontistry, as only the most severe cases are treated free of charge on the HSE. This means waiting lists can be long and people are becoming increasingly eager to find a private (and affordable) alternative. With our 0% interest-free finance, getting braces for you or your child has never been easier. All you need to do is make a down payment, with the rest paid in installments.



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