Regain Your Smile with Bray Braces

Regain Your Smile with Bray Braces

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Learn to Love Your Smile Again

When people think of braces, they often tend to imagine unsightly and obvious braces. However, modern technology has enabled us to use braces so discrete that many people won't even know you've had treatment. Modern cosmetic braces now mean that the days of unsightly dark wire are long gone. This means that a growing number of adults are now opting for orthodontic treatment, proving that whatever your age, it's never to late to get that natural, beautiful smile you've always longed for at Bray Braces!

Six Month Braces

Six Month Braces
Six month braces have quickly become our most popular braces treatment. Focusing entirely on the front teeth, six month braces allow us to give you a great looking smile with minimal discomfort in the quickest possible time.
With six month braces, we don't make any changes to the bite as the results are purely cosmetic. If you wish to change your bite altogether or move your back teeth, traditional braces will be required and results may take longer. Our six month braces are available using see-through material, meaning they are more discreet and popular among patients in the public eye or attending social events. By using only slight pressure, we can gently position your teeth in the right place, allowing you to get on smiling!

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces help correct crooked, overcrowded teeth, jaw issues and misaligned bite. By having braces treatment, you can also eliminate such issues as eating difficulties, speech impairments and improved dental care. Thanks to modern dental technology constantly improving, traditional braces are now smaller, more comfortable and sleeker than ever before.
Traditional metal braces use standard metal brackets which are placed on your teeth using an adhesive and connected together using wire. This technique requires periodic tightening in order to apply a steady amount of pressure, thereby gradually shifting your teeth into place.
Traditional braces are ideal for people who are not concerned with the appearance of metal brackets and are still very common among people seeking orthodontic treatment.


Invisalign braces are perhaps our most popular form of braces treatment among young adults, especially those in the public eye or attending social events. Invisalign treatment has allowed people who may have been put off by unsightly braces before, now enjoy perfect teeth.
By using a set of customised clear aligners, you can still brush your teeth as normal and even eat whatever you desire during treatment. On average, Invisalign treatment takes a year but may be faster depending on how much movement is required.
Invisalign treatment is also ideal for patients who may have worn braces as a child, but have since gone on to suffer some form of orthodontic relapse causing teeth to drift. The discreet nature of this treatment means that you can regain your confident smile without anyone even knowing you've had treatment!

Still Not Sureā€¦

If you're still unsure of what treatment will work best for you, we can arrange a free consultation and advise on what treatment best suits your needs. It's important you know the difference between Invisalign, traditional and six month braces.

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