Six Month Braces Frequently Asked Questions

Six Month Braces Frequently Asked Questions

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Now more than ever before, people can get the smile they always wanted thanks to the incredible advancements made in modern dentistry. In as little as six months, you can have perfectly straight teeth and regain your confidence, thanks to a glowing smile. Whereas conventional braces take between 12 to 24 months and focus on your entire mouth, 6 month braces focuses solely on your front teeth and are purely for cosmetic purposes. If you require an alterations to your bite or back teeth, 6 month braces may not be for you. Over the course of 6 months, the tooth coloured brackets and memory wire, gently position and align your teeth into a wide and attractive smile.

Do Six Month braces require high amounts of force to move teeth?

No, the benefits of Six Month Braces is that it harnesses a low force technique, Any high amounts of force would actually slow down tooth movement.

Will I feel any discomfort?

As Six Month Braces uses low amounts of force to gently move the teeth in the correct position, you will feel very little if any discomfort. It will take some time do adjust to the braces in your mouth, but this usually fades after a day or two.

Can I eat as normal with Six Month Braces?

You can continue to eat most foods while wearing cosmetic braces. However, we do recommend avoiding sticky foods such as toffee. Over time, your braces may stain a little, especially if you're fond of staining foods such as curries, red wine and coffee. However, when you come in for your braces to be adjusted, we can easily and quickly change the parts that stain and replace them with clear/white versions. If you happen to opt for Invaslign treatment, they can be removed before eating and won't stain.

Can adults get Six Month Braces?

Of course. People who did not get braces when they were young may now be suffering with their teeth or may just be unhappy with their smile, are now opting for Six Month Braces. The treatment is also becoming increasingly popular with people preparing for their wedding, allowing them to smile with confidence and in comfort on their special day. There is almost no age limit when it comes to Six Month Braces, so there's no reason not to visit your dentist!
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