Asthma Linked To Gum Disase

Asthma Linked To Gum Disease A UK study has found that asthma sufferers are far more likely to develop gum disease. The study, which examined a selection of 21 papers published across 50 years, analysed the relationship between asthma and oral health, revealing that people with asthma were almost one fifth more likely to suffer Read more about Asthma Linked To Gum Disase[…]

Dental Hygiene & You

Dental Hygiene & You: The Importance of Regular Check-Ups Many people don’t realise just how important it is to regularly see a hygienist. Some people don’t understand the significance of flossing or perhaps routinely miss areas of their teeth when they brush. These are issues that your hygienist can help you with, by removing plaque Read more about Dental Hygiene & You[…]

The Link Between Dental Care & Overall Health

The Link Between Dental Care & Overall Health It’s common knowledge that poor dental health can lead to cavities and tooth loss, but did you also know that more serious health issues can arise from poor oral care? If you ignore your oral health, more serious consequences than a simple toothache may be the result. Read more about The Link Between Dental Care & Overall Health[…]

The Causes of Dry Socket Explained

Dry Socket Explained Following a tooth extraction, when a small blood clot is formed as a healing step in order to protect and cover the underlying bone. However, in some cases the blood clot may no properly form or may be lost, exposing the underlying bone and delaying the healing process, this is known as Read more about The Causes of Dry Socket Explained[…]

4 Health Conditions Your Dentist Can Spot

4 Health Conditions That Your Dentist Can Spot Find out how your routine check-up may be more beneficial than you think… Keep your overall health in tip top shape by having regular dental visits! When was the last time you went to the dentist? Having regular dental check-ups is incredibly important – and not just Read more about 4 Health Conditions Your Dentist Can Spot[…]