Healthy Smiles Start With A Healthy Diet

Healthy Smiles Start With A Healthy Diet

A new UK study has revealed that brushing twice a day may not be enough to maintain oral health in children, as diet also plays a key role in our everyday oral care. Researchers carried out a survey following children from infancy through to their teens and revealed that those who regularly snacked throughout the day were at a significantly greater risk of developing cavities and other potential issues when compared to those who did not snack and ate regular meals.

The research included data collected from over 4,000 preschool children and reflected our need to greatly reduce our sugar intake in order to prevent potential dental issues. The study also suggested a greater need in teaching children the importance oral hygiene and proper diet.

Both Irish and UK children have been found to consume twice as much sugar as the recommended daily amount, resulting in a record number of children requiring teeth extracted every year.

“It is clear that tooth brushing with a fluoride toothpaste alone is not the magic wand that many people still believe it to be and preventing tooth decay also has to involve changing diet and lifestyle,” commented Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation Dr Nigel Carter, OBE. “Almost every single one of these extractions could have been prevented with effective behaviour changes to help protect children’s oral health.”

How can you help reduce your sugar intake

  • Avoid sugary snacks between meals
  • Try and provide healthy between meal snacks such as fruit, crispy veg, scones, cheese and plain popcorn
  • Porridge is an excellent source of energy, but avoid sugary cereal brands
  • Pure juices, squash and smoothies should be consumed during meal times
  • Cut down on treats but don’t outright ban them, as by doing so only makes them more appealing

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