How To Keep Your Smile Sparkling

How To Keep Your Smile Sparkling

We’re often asked for the best ways to keep your smile sparkling for longer. If you want to achieve the best possible results following your whitening treatment, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure your pearly whites remain shining!

Quit Smoking

We all know smoking isn’t good for your health, but it can be especially terrible for your teeth. Excessive smoking can lead to your teeth turning yellow or even brown in some cases, as the nicotine and tar in cigarettes slowly stains your teeth over time. This is why it is vital that if you smoke, you musty take extra care of your teeth. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it can absorb the stains from nicotine, resulting in a faded smile at a much quicker rate. Smoking is also bad for your gums, as it can reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood, making it harder for your gums to heal from infections and injury.

Avoid Staining Foods/Drinks

Drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine and staining foods including curries can stain your teeth. It’s best to, where possible, avoid staining foods especially if you have just had your teeth whitening and try drinking through a straw is necessary, as doing so can reduce to amount of liquid that comes into contact with your teeth.

Maintain A Regular Oral Care Routine

Following your whitening, you may feel some sensitivity in your teeth. This is perfectly natural and fades quite quickly. However, don’t be tempted to put off your oral hygiene routine. It’s vital that you keep brushing, flossing and rinsing to keep your teeth clean and healthy. The more you begin to skip your oral care routine, the quicker your bright smile can fade.

Visit Your Dentist

As well as following your own oral care routine, it’s important that you regularly visit your dentist and hygienist, to ensure your smile remains healthy. Regular cleans with a hygienist can help prevent any potential future issues from arising and can reach the more difficult areas of the mouth that regular cleaning can’t reach.

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