Diet Not Just To Blame For Tooth Erosion

Diet Not Just To Blame For Tooth Erosion

Alongside dental caries and gum disease, dental erosion remains among the most prevalent dental issues. A recent study in the UK discovered that some people suffer more from erosive tooth wear than others, and it may not entirely be due to their diet. Instead, researchers have suggested the problem lies with how we consume acidic foods and drinks.

The King’s College London study identified that different behaviours actually increased the risk of severe tooth erosion. Their research echoed that of Guy’s Hospital, which studied the diet of 300 people with severe tooth erosion and 300 people without.

The study found that those most affected were not those who simply consumed acidic or sugar drinks or foods, but those who did so frequently between meals. It soon became apparent that people who drank acidic drinks, such as fizzy drinks or flavoured teas, were far more likely to suffer from moderate to severe tooth erosion.

Among the groups with high potential for tooth erosion were long-distance drivers and lovers of wine, as they tend to swish the liquid or hold the liquid in the mouth.

“It is well known that an acidic diet is associated with erosive tooth wear; however, our study has shown the impact of the way in which acidic food and drinks are consumed,” said lead author of the study Dr Saoirse O’Toole.

With an estimated one-third of Irish people suffering from some form of tooth erosion, changes in how we consume fizzy or acidic drinks must be addressed. For example, did you know the risk from fizzy drinks can be halved when consumed during mealtime? So maybe next time, why not get a bottle of still water to quench your thirst between meals!

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