Straight Teeth With Six Month Braces

Straight Teeth In Just Six Months

As cosmetic dentistry becomes more affordable and treatment time shortens, more and more people are opting for braces. At one time reserved only for teenagers, Six Month Braces allows adults to get the smile they always longed for in the shortest possible time.  Gone are the days of awkward, uncomfortable braces. Instead, we here at The Friendly Dentist offer a wide range of treatments including Six Month Braces, Invisalign and conventional braces. By far our most popular treatment is Six Month Braces, as they are the ideal treatment for those looking for dramatic results. Whether it’s preparing for a new job, social occasion or wedding – Six Month Braces can help you smile once again.

The Benefits of Six Month Braces

  • Little to no discomfort throughout – you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing them
  • Available with see-through wires and tooth coloured brackets – practically invisible unless viewed up close
  • Only focuses on your front teeth – resulting in quicker treatment time
  • Cost effective – you spend less time in the dentists chair

Can All This Really Be Done In Just Six Months?

As Six Month Braces uses the latest dental technology, we are able to move your teeth quickly and above all else, safely. As Six Month Braces only straightens your front teeth, it means we don’t alter your bite in any degree, resulting in quicker treatment time when compared to traditional braces. By using low force wiring, we gently position your teeth into their correct position over a short period of time, allowing you to smile in comfort.

Considering Six Month Braces?

If you’ve always wanted straight teeth but may have been previously put off by the prospect of a long treatment, then now is the ideal time for you. Six Month Braces are comfortable, easy to clean, affordable and result in a healthy, natural smile. Why not contact us today on 01 286 3787 or to book your appointment!

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