Top Dental Tips for Parents

Top Dental Tips for Parents

With these simple dental tips, you can help keep your child’s oral health in tip-top condition.

Cut Down on Sugary Treats

It’s all too easy to reach for the snack drawer and pull out a sugary treat. That’s why it’s so important to get them used to healthy snacks at an early age. Where possible, limit the amount of sugar and avoid filling their lunchboxes with fizzy drinks and sweets.

The More Dairy, The Better!

Detailed research has proved that whole milk and cheese are great for keeping young teeth healthy and strong. By opting for full fat, you help ensure that sugar levels are kept to a minimum.

Make Brushing Fun

The best way to get your child brushing their teeth properly is to make a game of it. Why not come up with a reward chart? By making it a fun, every day thing you’re encouraging a healthy routine that they will follow for the rest of their lives – making for a healthy, happy smile.

Regular Check-ups

Detecting a potential issue early on can help avoid costly and painful procedures. The best way to do this is by attending regular check-ups with your dentist.

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