Sugar Sweetened Drinks Tax Comes Into Effect

Sugar Sweetened Drinks Tax Comes Into Effect

The much-discussed sugar tax is finally here. Planned over the course of a number of years, the new tax will see water and juice-based drinks which contain more than five grams of sugar per 100ml liable for the new Sugar Sweetened Drinks Tax. Drinks that contain between five and eight grams of sugar will face an additional cost of 20c per litre, whereas drinks with more than eight grams will cost a further 30c.

The majority of drinks affected include carbonated water, some flavoured water, juice, fizzy drinks, energy and sports drinks. Certain cordials and bottled squashes will also be liable for the new tax. Brands such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Monster and Club will all cost more, but their diet and zero sugar versions will remain unaffected.

Dairy products will also remain unaffected by the new tax, as they offer nutritional value such as calcium and protein to help promote good health.

Both the Irish Heart Foundation and Irish Dental Association have praised the new tax as the most significant step in improving child health in Ireland.


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