Braces: Aftercare Advice

Braces Aftercare Advice

After spending time having your teeth straightened, it’s only natural that you would be concerned with keeping your teeth in place long after wearing your braces. You’d be surprised by just how many people don’t take a few simple aftercare steps to help ensure their smile remains healthy after treatment. So what can you do to help keep your teeth straight…

Wear Your Retainer

There are two different types of retainers you can opt for:

Removable retainers are worn to minimise any potential movement of your teeth and should be worn all the time (apart from eating) for the first year following the removal of your braces. From there, you can start to wear your retainer only at night time to help keep your teeth firmly in place. Over time your retainer can become worn or may even break, making it vital to have it replaced should you wish your teeth to remain in place. Many people opt for a fixed retainer. This retainer is very discreet, meaning you won’t even notice it’s there and can last for up to 3 years with proper care. Obviously some people are more suited to one form of treatment than the other, so ask your dentist or orthodontist which retainer would best suit you.

Wisdom Teeth, Tooth Removal & Sudden Changes

If you wore braces during your teenage years, you may have since gone on to lose a tooth due to an accident or gained wisdom teeth. If so you may be concerned that your new teeth may shift in your mouth. However, as long as you continue to regularly wear your retainer, you shouldn’t suffer from any movement. If you are worried, a simple check-up with your dentist or orthodontist can check your mouth for any changes.

Some Movement Is Completely Natural

Your teeth will be perfectly straight following treatment. However, as the ligaments which connect your teeth to the jawbone are gently stretched over treatment, they become more elastic and can cause your teeth to slowly drift back over time. In order to prevent your teeth from shifting back, we recommend you continue to wear your retainer.

Interested In Braces?

Whether you’re new to braces or possibly wore them during your teenage years, there’s a treatment suitable for you. From conventional braces to Invisalign, we can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Why not call in today for a quick consultation by contacting us on 01 286 3787 or

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