Fillings Explained

Fillings Explained

Having a filling is an incredibly common dental procedure, one which we perform each and every day. It’s a straightforward process, but not many people know exactly if they need one or not. Obviously, the best way is to attend regular check-ups with your dentist, but what should you look out for…

Signs You Need A Filling

  • Decay: One of the most common causes of needing a filling is damage due to decay. This is quite common and can be caused by poor oral hygiene or a diet consisting of sugary foods and drink that can cause the enamel to slowly wear away over time.
  • Trauma: You may need a filling if the tooth has been damaged, such as an accident or sports. This is why it is so important to wear a protective mouth guard in any contact sport.
  • Hereditary: In some cases genetics play a key role, meaning some people are predisposed to teeth and gum issues.

What Is A Filling?

A filling is used to restore your tooth to its previous function, shape and look.

What Materials Are Used In A Filling?

  • Amalgam: This silver filling was by far the most common form used in dentistry
  • Composite: Composite fillings are our most popular filling, as its white colour can match your own natural tooth colour, making it incredibly discreet.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain tends to be used only for tooth restorations, as their hard and sturdy material makes them ideal for situations where the tooth it badly damaged.

What To Expect?

There’s no reason to feel anxious when attending any dentist. A filling is a common procedure that that vast majority of us have undergone at some stage. It’s now easier, quicker and comfortable to get a filling than ever before. Simply lie back and relax…before you know it you’ll be smiling in no time!


Taking care of your fillings is no different than looking after any tooth. Simply brush and floss regularly and be sure to follow up with regular check-ups with your dentist or hygienist.

Do You Need A Filling?

Call in today for a quick check-up or contact us on 01 286 3787 or to arrange your appointment!

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