Six Facts About Six Month Braces

Six Facts About Six Month Braces

six month braces

Can It Really Be Done In Just Six Months?

As we only use six month braces on your front teeth, the highly flexible materials used in our orthodontic wires are able to move your teeth over a far quicker period of time. The end results being a healthy, natural looking smile. Of course, not everyone is suitable for six month braces and if you require any changes to your back teeth or bite, treatment may take longer.

Does It Hurt?

Not at all. As the orthodontic wire is flexible, we only use a minimal amount of force to move your teeth over time. Obviously, it might take a day or two to get used to it at the start of treatment, but you’ll quickly get used to it and eventually, you won’t even notice them!

Can I Get Invisible Braces?

You can of course. Our braces are available in both conventional metal and invisible braces, meaning people won’t even see your braces unless viewed up close!

Can Anyone Get Six Month Braces?

Pretty much. There isn’t an age limit and of course it will depend on your specific situation. We find six month braces works best for people in their 20’s right up to 70 and beyond! It’s the ideal treatment if you’ve possibly had orthodontic treatment in the past

How Will I Know That I’m Suitable?

All our orthodontic consultations are completely free. That means you can come down, meet the team and discuss any questions you may have with our orthodontist.

Do I Need A Retainer?

Yes. Any form of orthodontic treatment will require you to wear a retainer.

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