5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy!

Our Dental Hygienist Ms Joana Narciso Explains How to Keep Those Teeth Pearly White

Check out her 5 top tips below!

dental hygienist top tips for healthy teeth
Nowadays, people of all ages and genders want to be healthier and ensure they are doing everything they can to achieve it.
We all know the basics of looking after ouselves, i.e. eating healthily, exercising and getting a good nights sleep. But how do you keep your mouth and teeth healthy? Again we all know the basics: brushing twice a day, not eating too many sweets and making sure we’re using fluoride toothpaste. But is that really good enough?
Are you still experiencing pains in your teeth even though you don’t have a sweet tooth?
Do you feel that your teeth aren’t clean even though you brush them everyday?
Maybe you’re doing the right things but using the wrong tools, or maybe you have the right tools but your technique isn’t 100% effective.
Here are some of my own top tips to make sure you’re teeth are as healthy as can be!

Top Tips!

So the first tip is quite simple.

  1. Make sure you have the right tools for the job. (A good toothbrush in this case!)

Your toothbrush should have a small head,  so it can reach all surfaces in your teeth comfortably, and have soft or ultra-soft bristles to ensure you don’t damage your gums. Once the bristles in your toothbrush become frayed, its time to get a new one.

 2. Watch your intake of sugary energy drinks/energy bars carefully.

As peoples enthusiasm for exercising increases, so does the number of people consuming energy drinks and bars. Some of these drinks contain bigger higher of sugar than you might think. Energy bars can sometimes contain a lot of sugar as well and because they are very chewy they stick to your teeth and can increase your chances of developing decay. Always make sure sure to check the amount of sugar in drinks/bars before you purchase them and limit your intake where possible.

   3. Brush for at least 2 full minutes.  

With the morning rush and tiredness at bedtime, we can sometimes speed up brushing and end up missing a few spots. The easiest way to avoid this is to have a sequence when brushing (e.g. left to right, inside, outside, chewing surfaces- top teeth first followed by bottom teeth).
A method that I always tell my patients to help them ensure they are brushing their teeth for long enough is to either sing their favourite song in their head or play it on their phone while brushing. As most songs are 2 to 3 minutes long, you can  ensure you’ve brushed for long enough and you won’t feel the time passing!

     4. Don’t neglect flossing and use mouthwash.
Although extremely important, brushing isn’t 100% effective at clearing your mouth of plaque. The spaces in between your teeth also need to be cleaned and can only be reached with flossing or the use of inter-dental brushes. To give you an even better chance of making sure you’re left with zero plaque in your mouth, use mouthwash. It doesn’t replace flossing but because it’s a liquid it is able to pass in between the tiny gaps in your teeth, making sure they are completely free of plaque.
    5.Visit your dentist/hygienist at least twice per year.
It is important that you visit your hygienist/dentist regularly (every 3-6 months), for an examination and possibly x rays to identify any possible issues early on and to correct any techniques you may be using that are preventing you from cleaning your teeth properly.

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