Fillings Explained

Fillings Explained

Having a filling in your tooth is among the most common of dental treatments, but when exactly do you need one? Well, there are a number of reasons…

  • Due to injury/accident: An accident or sports injury can damage your teeth, leading to the need for a filling. It’s we why always recommend wearing a mouth guard when playing any contact sport.
  • Genetics: In some cases, people may just be predisposed to teeth and gum issues, as some problems can be hereditary.
  • Decay: This is by far the most common reason for needing a filling and can be the result of poor oral hygiene habits, eating or drinking too many high sugar content foods or drinks and not brushing regularly enough.

What is a filling?

A filling is used to help restore its function, look and shape. Here at The Friendly Dentist we use a composite resin, which can be matched to the colour of the tooth, making them incredibly discreet!

What’s the difference between a root canal and a filling?

A root canal is very different to a filling. Root canals are necessary when there has been damage to the tooth nerve itself, which it’s why recommend always contacting your dentist whenever you notice any changes in your mouth.


Looking after your filled tooth is no different than looking after the rest of your teeth. Continue to brush, floss and rinse as normal regularly, although hot and cold foods/drinks may cause some slight sensitivity at first.

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